I’m Chris Hernandez, a husband, daddy, granddaddy, former Marine, and retired Army National Guard Iraq/Afghanistan vet who discovered photography six years ago. My family has a history of military service dating back to World War I, I’ve always been a military history fanatic, and my favorite type of photography is World War II-themed portraits. I primarily shoot a Canon 5D Mark 3 in natural light, but I recently went nuts over vintage film cameras and have collected several. I have a full-time career, and photography is a side job and a passion, so I don’t charge as much as most others and I’m very easy to work with. Not only that, I know how ridiculously expensive photography can be; I want to make it affordable for people like me who don’t have piles of money laying around.

If you need great, unique photos at a reasonable price, please reach out to me and we’ll set something up.

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