Affordable Photography Services

Basic shoots

I charge $125 an hour plus tax for regular photography services. This includes all editing, and delivery of high-resolution digital photos by email. I promise ten photos for an hour shoot (I generally deliver more, but I promise ten). If your event will last all day we can negotiate a flat price instead of the hourly rate.


I have a large collection of World War II uniforms, equipment, replica weapons, and other props. Most of my collection is authentic, so if you’d like to use it for a shoot I’ll add a small fee for wear and tear. This stuff is getting harder to find and more expensive, so I have to charge for its use since I’ll have to buy new items to replace anything that gets worn out.


I don’t charge extra if we’re shooting in the north Houston area. If I have to travel I add a small amount for fuel and food. We can negotiate a fair fee for travel, depending on where your shoot will be.


I own a 2012 Royal Enfield C5 Classic Military. It’s basically a copy of a WW2-era British Army motorcycle, and a lot of people think it’s an actual WW2 bike. I’m happy to bring the motorcycle out to locations in the Spring/Woodlands area (nothing that requires highway travel, this bike is slow) and let clients pose on it, but for safety reasons it can’t be ridden for shoots.

Let’s make some beautiful portraits!

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