World War II-themed portraits

I love this style more than any other. I had numerous relatives who served in WW2 and other conflicts, and I really enjoy creating realistic portraits that emulate and honor the Greatest Generation. I especially love taking photos of the younger generation of veterans, but in the uniforms of our forefathers. My collection of uniform tops and jackets will fit most clients unless they’re very large or very small, and I can adjust gear and helmets to fit basically anyone. I also have non-firing replicas of the Thompson submachine gun and M1903-A3 rifle, along with the appropriate equipment for them. I don’t have many pants because it’s a lot harder to fit random people into pants than jackets, but we can always shoot waist-up shots. For this type of portrait you pretty much just have to show up. I bring everything you need, and show you how to look like a Soldier.

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